What to Bring To a Music Festival

by David Jones on October 15, 2020


It’s time to relax, kick back, and enjoy the jams at your favorite music fest; or, get rowdy and hit the mosh pit. Or maybe you’re more of a roamer, heading from stage to stage, ground to ground, sampling a variety of acts at an outdoor festival. However you enjoy your tunes, all festival goers know you never attend a festival alone. That is to say, there’s a few things on your checklist you should prepare to bring with you if you really want to enjoy yourself.

Without further ado, here’s what to bring to a music festival.


Identification and other essentials

Alright let’s get the boring (but important!) things out of the way first. You definitely don’t want to weigh yourself down carrying excess gear, but any situation where you’re going into crowded, sometimes unfamiliar places, should mean a few essentials come with. Photo ID is an important thing to have on you just in case and can be tucked into a wallet or bag pretty easily. Any keys, tickets, wristbands, or other important items should also not be neglected.


Bottled Water!

Staying hydrated is key! If you’re attending an outdoor festival, there’s likely going to be vendors set up selling food and drinks for your fellow festival goers. However, depending on the location, you might also be allowed to bring in your own food and drink as well. Plan to do this if possible. A case of water is going to run you a lot less at the local store than the extreme markup you’ll pay at a festival. And hey, if you have some leftover you can always try your hand at selling them to your fellow festival goers.


Tent, Sleeping Bag, other Overnight Necessities

Oh, so you like to go all weekend long, eh? Some festivals are awesome, multi-day outdoor events. Rather than try to shuttle back and forth between overpriced hotels (some will jack up their rates when they know a festival is in town), a lot of festival goers opt to camp out instead.



If you are planning on camping out at the outdoor venue grounds, make sure you’ve got all the essentials for your multi-night stayover. Tent, sleeping back, personal hygiene products, change of clothes, etc. The last thing you want to do is get ready to hit the sack after a long night of tunes only to find out you forget your pillow. Oops!


Your Phone Case

No list of what to bring to a music festival would be complete without mentioning perhaps the most important part of the journey. Your phone. You want to capture these moments with stunning sound, video, and photos so that you can replay and relive the experience over and over again.

With Calicase’s dual protection padding, you can ensure that you’ll feel confident that your phone will be well-protected in the case of accidental dings, dents, or drops. Plus, with Calicase’s waterproof design, you’ll be well protected from the elements should a downpour occur.


The Tickets!

Alright, we’ll leave you with the obvious, but probably most important reminder: Don’t forget your tickets! You’d hardly be the first person to venture out to the venue having forgotten the tickets in an envelope back home marked “Don’t forget.” However, the small comfort of knowing you’re not alone is hardly worth the cost of missing out on seeing your favorite bands in person so consider this your official reminder: don’t forget the tickets!