5 Must have accessories to enhance your next kayak trip

by David Jones on July 23, 2020





You love your favorite activities. However, they can also ruin any belongings you happen to bring along. Take kayaking, for example. There’s water everywhere! Everything from snacks to electronics needs to stay safe during your outings or you’ve got a recipe for a bad trip.

We like to think we’ve got it all figured out. But let’s be honest. Not everyone who enjoys the great outdoors will venture out fully prepared. If you’ve gone kayaking recently with your phone and little protection, maybe you’ve been lucky enough to dodge a bullet! But time will tell.

From suggested safety gear to a kayak phone holder, everyone needs to stay prepared. Need a few tips? We’ve got you covered.

Make sure you keep these five must have accessories to enhance your next kayak trip.


Kayak vest 


Paddle Sports Life Vest

Sure, you can wear a standard preserver if you want to. Just know you'll probably look dorky doing so, and it won't offer much help. Boating jackets are bulky, restricting your arm movement as well your visibility. Instead, a paddle sports life vest is ideal for kayaking adventures.

These slimmer preservers offer improved arm and neck movements. Best of all, they are light and comfortable for hours of safety. Perhaps even more best of all, they look pretty stylin’ too.


CaliCase Dry Bag


Dry Bags

Dry bags are essential for any water-based activities, especially at parks and beaches. Any time you intend to go kayaking, rafting, or boating, you should have them. Not only will they help keep your phone safe, but your wallets and jerky as well. Combined with the right cases, your belongings stay secure all day.


Coolers for Food and Beverages

There's something about water and sunshine to keep you hungry all day. No trip to the great outdoors is ever complete without a few snacks. Unfortunately, without the right cooler, your snacks get soggy soon.

From sandwiches and chips to soda cans, you need a container for them all. Don't leave home without a cooler on your next adventure.

Kayaking Seat Cushions

Surprisingly, one of the best kayak accessories you can have is seat cushions. Sitting on a wet hard plastic bench is not exactly comfortable for hours on end.

Choosing the right cushion not only offers a more enjoyable time but helps with posture. It's easy to slouch when you get physically tired from paddling all day. 
If you find yourself with aching backs and knees, invest in seat cushions. Otherwise, each trip becomes miserable before long.




CaliCase Waterproof Phone Case

Most people settle for a waterproof phone bag for kayaking. However, that usually proves bulky, heavy, and inconvenient, especially for just your phone.

CaliCase is guaranteed to be the best kayak cell phone case you can find. And with a variety of sizes to suit any brand of smartphone, they stay safer.

Each case offers dual padding, IPX8 waterproof rating, and full functionality during use. Built by beachgoers for any outdoor adventures, CaliCase is your best kayak phone case.