At CaliCase, our Love for Water Runs Deep

At CaliCase

Our love for water runs deep

How many times have you lost your device - and the memories on it - after dropping your phone into a lake while fishing, the ocean while surfing, or the pool while sunbathing? It’s a sure fire way to ruin any vacation or relaxing moment.

A few years ago, while vacationing in Asia together, we lost hundreds of irreplaceable photos when one of our phones fell into the bottom of a river. We started to wonder why there wasn’t a waterproof phone case that would bounce your phone back to the surface.


We searched the internet and shops across the globe for a phone case that was waterproof, durable, and buoyant. That's when the idea to create a floatable waterproof phone case was born. Made with two layers of thick durable padding and ultra strong, glow-gel PVC plastic that surrounds and protects your device, CaliCase lets you focus on the fun… instead of your phone.

Finally, there's a waterproof phone case that provides the peace of mind we all desire when we're vacationing with family or enjoying time with friends, keeping your pricey device - and treasured memories safe. Waterproof, sink proof and guaranteed to last, next time you set out for adventure, CaliCase will be there to capture the action.

Focus on the Adventure, Not Your Phone!

Marcos Chen

Customer Service Manager

David Jones

Marketing Manager

Andrea Alayon

Graphic Designer

The CaliCase Team

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