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CaliCase was created in 2014 by a couple of dudes who were sick and tired of cheap waterproof pouches. We've all seen them. You know those cheap boring looking pouches that look like they come from the dollar store. We wanted to create a high quality world class waterproof pouch. A Stylish pouch that will give you the peace of mind knowing that your phone is safe!

Meet CaliCase

The ultimate waterproof case

It all started with creating a case that is extra durable and 100% waterproof. First, we decided on doubling the layers of PVC plastic. We then added a foam enclosure that helps the case float. No more worrying about leaks or your phone sinking to the bottom of the water. Next, we wanted to make the CaliCase look good. So, we created 14 fun stylish colors that are sure to suit your style! We are proud of the CaliCase and we are excited to share the CaliCase experience with you.

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