Breathtaking Parasailing Adventures in Key West, Florida

by Eileen Strauss on April 02, 2022

Florida is home to some of the best spots for parasailing in America.
An adventure watersport where a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a parasail wing and a harness, parasailing lets you fly like a bird above the clear waters and action below.    


There are several different kinds of parasailing, but the boat-pull variety is by far the most exhilarating experience on earth! As the boat drives off, it pulls the rider into the air -- a definite must-do activity when visiting the Keys.   



Is it safe? 


Many people have trepidations about parasailing, fearing that they’ll fall if they let go, but it’s actually a very peaceful experience, allowing the participant to safely glide through the air at a steady, gradual pace. The harness keeps you securely strapped in, so you can let go, lean back, and enjoy the ride – and the view!

After the first time, you’ll undoubtedly want to keep coming back for more.



Why Key West is Best for Parasailing


That said, Key West is the perfect place to take off like a pelican and soar over the crystal blue water and white sand beaches.   


The ideal spot for parasailing, Key West has some of the most magnificent views and awesome parasailing excursions in the country, offering views of both the city and the coast. 


To the north lies the Key West Bight beach, and to the south lies the Smathers Beach, each offering incredible parasailing experiences. 


Note: Morning rates in Key West are lower than  mid- and late-day. 



Parasailing at Smathers Beach in Key West


Departure Times: throughout the day

Departure Point: Smathers Beach, 2601 S Roosevelt Blvd, Key West

Cost: from $89.95

Take in rare birds-eye views of Key West on a parasailing adventure over Smathers Beach with your choice of one, two, or three-seater flights. Get a unique view of the south side of the island with a breathtaking view of the crystal clear waters, reef, marine life, and kayakers. 



Sunset Water Sports over Key West’s Historic Seaport 


Departure times: 9 am - 6pm

Departure point: 201 William St, 201 William St, Key West

Cost: from $89.95

The oldest water sports company in Key West, this ride takes you over the famous Key West Bight. 

Coast Guard inspected and certified state-of-the-art boats take you high above the island, giving a breath-taking parasailing adventure over the historic Key West seaport, with a  birds-eye view of the cruise ships, chartered boats, resorts, and beachgoers below. 



Key West Parasailing Adventure


Departures times: throughout the day

Departure Point: 245 Front St, 245 Front St, Key West 

Cost: from $85.95

Soar above the emerald waters of Key West for a thrilling 1-hour tour that provides sweeping views of Florida’s southernmost city and its surroundings. Head out in a 12-passenger state-of-the-art parasailing boat out to the ocean, then your guide secures you into a double or triple-person parasailing device for a ride that gently lifts off and glides above the water, all without getting wet. 

Suitable for all levels of experience. Stay dry during takeoff and landing, or choose the optional ocean dip. Triple Rides are available. 



Parasailing in Key West with Professional Guide


Departure times: throughout the day

Departure location: 205 Elizabeth St, 205 Elizabeth St, Key West

Cost: from $79.95

Get a bird’s-eye view of Key West from high above the sea on this guided parasailing tour. Soar 300 feet in the air over the bustling activity along the coastline and the abundant marine life, including dolphins, turtles, fish, and more. 

Enjoy a gentle and dry takeoff and landing, with rides tailored to your taste - from mild to wild! Get the best views on this 10-minute flight. Two paid participants may fly tandem at no additional cost.  





Whichever tour you chose, don’t forget to bring along your waterproof phone case so you can focus on the fun instead of your phone. 


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