CPR for Your Phone: How to fix your phone if you drop it in water

by Eileen Strauss on August 17, 2022


Hanging out on the beach, by the pool, or in a boat are all a part of what makes summer fun. But what is decidedly less fun is when your phone slides out of your pocket  and you watch it plunge into the water.

Many phones now have water resistance ratings, but if yours doesn’t, or if you’re unsure, it’s best to play it safe.

Just follow these simple steps to ensure your smartphone doesn’t die an early death this summer. 



1. Rescue it immediately


The longer you leave your phone submerged in water, the lower your chances of reviving it. If you do drop your phone in the water, get it out immediately, turn it off, and remove the SIM card and battery. Wrap all the components in a soft kitchen towel or a pair of gloves. 

Check for serious water damage by examining the corner near the battery. Most phones have a white square or circle that will indicate water damage with a pink or red light. If this appears. It might be too late. But don't give up right away. 



2. Dry with a towel


Next, take a soft towel and gently sponge water from the exposed insides of the phone. Try not to move or shake the phone, because that could move water further inside it and cause more damage.


3. Remove any water with the vacuum cleaner

If your phone is waterlogged, the next step is to reach a handheld vacuum cleaner with an attachment. Hold it at a reasonable distance and suck the water out of the phone, paying attention to the headphone jack, charging port, and speaker. DO NOT use a hairdryer as this could blow water into any cracks and make it worse. 




4. Use silica packets


Those little silica gel packets that come inside vitamin bottles or in new shoes could be your savior. These packets that say, “do not eat” are amazing at absorbing water. Place a few packets into a sealed sandwich bag with your phone.



5. Use dry rice


If you can’t find silica packets, rice is the next best thing, though it doesn’t work as effectively. Place the dry, uncooked rice in a bowl and add your phone. Rotate the phone every few hours for at least a full day. The longer it sits in the rice, the better.   




6. Be proactive! Protect your phone with a Waterproof Phone Case


Avoid all of these steps by keeping your phone in a waterproof phone case whenever you’re going to be near water. 

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Perfect for shredding the slopes, slaying the surf, or tracking the trails, CaliCase lets you focus on the fun instead of your phone. 



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