Snorkeling In Destin, Florida

by CaliCase Team on March 21, 2023

Snorkeling at Destin Florida

Welcome to Destin, Florida, a paradise for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts! This stunning coastal town is situated on the Gulf of Mexico and is renowned for its pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear emerald waters, and wide range of activities. While Destin offers something for everyone, exploring the underwater world through snorkeling is a must-try experience.

Destin's calm waters, shallow reefs, and abundance of marine life, along with guided tours and rentals, make it an excellent destination for beginners to experience the thrill of snorkeling. Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life and unique underwater landscapes that Destin has to offer.

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Snorkeling at Destin East Jetties

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Destin East Jetties is a popular spot for underwater exploration, where you can spot schools of fish, crabs, lobsters, and even stingrays. The two jetties were built in 1963 to protect the harbor and improve the safety of navigation in this zone.

Frequent visitors advise on forums on checking the tide before snorkeling at the East Jetties. The best moment to snorkel there is 30min after the high tide, the visibility is clearer, and you don't have to fight against the current.

To get to Destin East Jetties, you can take US Highway 98, which runs through Destin, to the East Jetties. From there, turn onto Gulf Shore Drive and continue until you reach the East Jetties parking area. You'll have to walk 100 yards to get to the jetties from the parking area, and it can be a long walk with your gear, but we've heard that Scuba Tech and Emerald Crystal Diving offer trips there by boat.


Snorkeling at Destin Harbor

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Another great destination for snorkeling in Destin is the Destin Harbor, where you can observe rays, crabs, and other marine creatures. The harbor is also home to the Destin Jetties, providing a unique snorkeling experience where you can see a variety of fish and other marine creatures, including occasional sightings of dolphins. Another area for snorkeling in Destin Harbor is around the nearby Norriego Point, which is a popular spot for fishing and boating as well. Snorkelers can see a variety of marine life, including crabs, rays, and small fish. The waters in this area are also relatively shallow, making it a great spot for beginners to try snorkeling.


Snorkeling Tours at Destin

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For those looking for a more guided experience, several local companies offer snorkeling tours and equipment rentals, making it easy to plan your underwater adventure in Destin.

Destin Snorkel offers a 3-hour snorkeling tour that takes you to two locations, where you can explore the clear waters and vibrant marine life of Destin. Along with colorful fish and coral formations, you might even spot dolphins. The tour also includes seashell collecting and equipment rentals, with prices starting at $50 per adult and $40 per child. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, this fun and informative tour is a great way to experience the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico up close.

Sunshine Watersport also offers an exciting snorkeling tour that takes you on a 2.5-hour adventure to two different locations, where you can observe the stunning marine life of Destin. With experienced guides leading the way, snorkelers can enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico, see a variety of colorful fish, and search for playful dolphins. The tour is affordable too, with prices starting at just $45 per adult. 


In conclusion, exploring Destin's underwater world through snorkeling is an experience that should not be missed. With its clear waters, diverse marine life, and breathtaking underwater scenery, Destin is truly a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. So grab your snorkeling gear and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Destin, Florida!