The Six Best Rivers to Kayak in the USA

by David Jones on June 17, 2020


Some days, you want thrilling white rapids, and others, something calm and peaceful. Whatever your preferred speed, you want the best rivers to kayak.

And with so many gorgeous national parks, you have your pick of the litter. Just make sure to bring your CaliCase along, so you don’t miss a moment.


Colorado River

You can impress your friends by kayaking through several states at once. The Colorado River runs through seven different communities at once, including:

• Colorado
• Arizona
• California
• Nevada
• Wyoming
• Utah
• And New Mexico.

However, you might need more than one trip to see it all. This river runs a staggering 1,450 miles long and cuts through the Grand Canyon.

While there aren’t any spots for camping, you will see countless creatures along the way. Reconnect with nature with river rapid classes of one to four.


Clearwater River Canoe Trail

Clearwater River Canoe Trail is one of the most serene and scenic spots around. This beloved Montana nature attraction is sure to make for some stunning nature photos.

Amateurs will appreciate how simple it is to continue drifting down the river. And outdoor enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to fish in the clear waters.

When you need to stretch your legs, pull off and enjoy some hiking as well. If you need to get away from the city, the Clearwater River is the ideal place.

Klamath River

While California has some of the most spectacular natural areas, you can’t always swim them. The beaches, especially, prove too cold to get any enjoyment from them.

Thankfully, the Klamath River stays at an average summer temperature of 70 degrees. The northern part near Oregon has rougher rapids, while Lower K is much easier.

Enjoy 20 miles of ever-changing rapids and lots of wildlife to spot. You may snap a photo of otters, black bears, and California’s wild raptors.

John Day River

The John Day River in scenic Oregon offers a unique way to enjoy nature. Most of this 147.5-mile river is a calm class I-II, with some challenging sections, also.

However, the peaceful parts make for a personalized river cruise through tall canyon walls. Or, find where the water starts to churn for a thrilling kayaking adventure.


Those hoping for easy birdwatching will want to keep to the lower sections. And thrill-seekers should keep their eyes peeled around mile five for the Clarno Rapids.

Missouri River

While you might not have several vacation days, a few hours is plenty. The historic Missouri River in Montana stretches 47 miles of natural wonder.

Carve your kayak through deep 800-foot canyons and a diverse landscape. From badlands to plains and sandstone, you can see it all.

Plus, there are many sites where kayakers can stay and camp. You just might find the time to experience it all in an unforgettable outdoor trip.

Chattooga River

Georgia’s infamous Chattooga River is a surprisingly delightful trip with rapids classed I-IV. You won’t find it nearly as treacherous as it was in the movie Deliverance.

While you (hopefully) won’t find cannibals, you will see nearly 60 miles of natural beauty. Best of all, it flows through the scenic Sumter National Forest.

See tons of species of trees and flowers, as well as wildlife. Just don’t forget the mosquito spray in this natural Georgia hotspot.


Don’t Forget Your CaliCase

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