The USA’s 10 Best Surf Cities

by David Jones on June 25, 2020


Chasing an endless summer doesn’t mean going where it’s warm. In fact, the USA’s ten best surf cities are from all over.

No matter what regions you live in, you could find some surprising waves. And whichever destination is right for you, your CaliCase keeps your phone safe.

San Clemente, CA

Sunny San Clemente, CA, is about halfway between San Diego and L.A. That makes it convenient for many excited beachgoers and surfers alike.

Only three miles south of town, you’ll find San Onofre State Beach. This park is where the Trestles are, the most popular surfing spot around.

The Lower Trestles (“Lowers”) consistently has the best of the bunch. The Uppers might not always have the tallest, but usually have long waves.

Virginia Beach, VA

There’s a reason why the East Coast Surfing Championship gets held in Virginia Beach, Va. Considered the east coast’s birthplace of surf, you’ll find lots of great waves.

If you’re in the mood to spectate, take a stroll down Little Island Pier. Or, grab your board and hit Croatan Beach or First Street jetty.

There are many other beaches to explore for surfers at every skill level. While Virginia is for lovers, Virginia Beach is for those who love to surf.



Haleiwa, HI

The North Shore of Haleiwa, HI, is world-renowned for its surfing. This historic community located near Honolulu and Oahu is a prime hotspot.

You won’t just find consistent waves, though, but a challenging ride. Visitors regularly enjoy rips, hollow rights, and closeouts near the Haleiwa Reef Finger.

This area is also known for the Toilet Bowl, a whirlpool-like pull from taller waves. When they hit ten or fifteen feet, head for the shore.

Ocean City, NJ

One of New England’s oldest surf towns is still among the best. Ocean City, NJ, is the top destination in the Garden State.

Beaches at Waverly, 7th Street, and 12th Street stay busier thanks to lifeguards. And this is where pros like to practice, making for quite the show.

If you want something riskier, check out the jetties for choppier conditions. However, these areas won’t have lifeguards onsite, so stay safe.

New Smyrna Beach, FL

You might not find the tallest waves at New Smyrna Beach, FL. However, you will find a deep history of surfing going back over 250 years.

And, given the town’s location, you have plenty of options as well. Stay local at Smyrna Dunes Park and Apollo Beach, or take a trip to Miami.

Wherever you prefer to hang loose, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. History repeats itself every day on the beach when you surf here.



Huntington Beach, CA

With a few exceptions, it’s tough to find a city that’s crazier for surfing. Huntington Beach, CA, has captured the hearts of all beachgoers for decades.

They give us surf rock and movies throughout the 50s and 60, and competitions. The U.S. Open of Surfing has crowned kings and queens since 1959.

Unlike many areas, you can consistently find surf and smooth breakers all year round. It’s no wonder Huntington Beach is known as Surf City, USA.

Newport, OR

Along the state’s central coastline, you’ll find Newport, OR, a surprisingly popular surfing community. At the Devil’s Punchbowl State Park, especially, you can find challenging rides.

Like with most western regions, you’ll need a wetsuit to play. However, you’ll find plenty of waves throughout Otter Rock, South Beach, and Agate Beach.

While the community stays known for its winter surfing, it’s gorgeous all year. Whenever you plan your visit, you’ll find outdoor adventure everywhere.

Assateague Island, VA

While Little Island Pier is long, Assateague Island in Virginia has it beat. This local barrier island stretches a whopping 37 miles, with most of it in Maryland.

It’s the lower section surrounding Chincoteague that has the best waves. And with an early high tide, you can start the day sooner.

You can also find decent surf following the island north into Maryland. Staying local, though, proves perfect conditions, albeit with a strong rip current on some days.

St. Joseph, MI

The Great Lakes have become a surprisingly popular surf destination for many. And St. Joseph, MI, in the southwestern part of the state, is the local hotspot.

Locals will even brave the darkest and coldest sections of the lake. Everyone else can stick closer to the shore to find some surf.

This area is also great for any skill level, with classes available. Visit the Third Coast Surf Shop to sign up or restock your supplies.

Montauk Point, NY

If you head deep into Long Island, you can find the local surf spot. Montauk Point, NY, has surprisingly great conditions for much of the year.

Tourists like to visit during the warmer months, usually from June until September. After that, it’s all locals tackling the winter waves in their wetsuits.

No matter which board you use, you’ll find plenty to surf. And with a reef, sandbar, and breaks, you never know what’s coming next.

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