What to Do if I Drop My Phone in Water?

by David Jones on July 16, 2020



It’s every vacationer's worst nightmare. The dreaded dropped phone in water.  It’s a recipe for disaster and a quick way to ruin any day. When you're at the beach, lake, or on a boat, your options are limited.

While newer devices offer some protection, many stay vulnerable to liquids. It also doesn't help that many manufacturers void their warranty over wet phones.


Even when doing activities you've enjoyed before, you can still spill your phone. And with each repeat visit, your chances of drowning your devices only grow higher. Hey, accidents happen!

Here are some suggestions on how to get water out of your phone. Before you head outdoors, make sure you keep your devices safe around water.


Switch Your Phone Off


Your phone gets built much like a computer would complete with chips and boards. Another thing they have in common is water short-circuiting them quickly.

You were likely using your phone when you dropped it into water. If possible, switch it off immediately and keep it off until it's dry.




While it goes without saying, don't plug your charger into it, either. For those who need a reminder, electricity and water don't get along well.


Break Your Phone Down

Another step to take is by removing anything and everything you can. Start with your outer case, and work inward until you have items separated.

Not all phones allow you to remove things like batteries and chips. If it's proving stubborn, don't force it and move on to the next.

However, you should take out anything that you can, including SIM and SD cards. If you can open your phone safely to its motherboard, it may dry faster.


The Rice Trick

By now, everyone knows of the rice life hack to draw out moisture. Unfortunately, you may have already cooked all of yours.

If you have new shoeboxes, check for any silica bags they might still have. Or try covering your device in oatmeal or other similar grains for the same effect.

The secret to the trick, though, is getting it into an airtight container. Otherwise, rice and oats simply won't draw out the moisture as it should.


Pay for the Added Insurance and Protection

Some people are simply clumsier than others, making insurance plans worth a second glance. Although many users don't need them, some make it a necessity.

If you frequently find yourself dunking your devices in water, fork over the extra fees. While these plans won't cover everything, it's nice to know it offers some protection.



​Buy a CaliCase and Stop Worrying

CaliCase gets designed from the ground up to keep your smartphones safer outdoors. No matter where you encounter water, your devices stay dry all day long.

These cases are both waterproof and buoyant for easier searches and rescue. And with an IPX8 rating, it stays safe up to 100 feet below water.

Best of all, you can continue to take pictures and text while inside the case. It's no wonder why so many users prefer CaliCase above all.