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              Can I use and operate my phone while in the waterproof pouch?
              All Android phones and all iPhones except for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus have full functionality. The iPhone 7 you can not unlock your home button with your fingerprint. This is because the clear plastic material is too thick and your fingerprint isn't recognized.

              Should I perform a waterproof check when I receive my CaliCase?
              Yes, we recommend that before you place your phone in the CaliCase that you do a waterproof test by putting a dry paper towel in your CaliCase and submerging it underwater.

              How far underwater can I take my CaliCase?
              The CaliCase has a waterproof IPX8 rating which is certified up to 100 feet underwater.

              Can I take photos and video with my CaliCase?
              Yes, thanks to the clear plastic on both sides you can use your front and rear camera to take pictures, selfies or videos!

              Does my CaliCase waterproof pouch float?
              Yes, all CaliCase waterproof pouches float except for the clear color CalICase which does not float.

              What is the clear plastic film that is included in the packaging?
              The clear plastic film is used in the packaging to ensure that the Carabiner does not puncture or damage your CaliCase while being shipped.

              I received a 50% off coupon, what are the terms & conditions?
              The 50% off coupon is only redeemable at and is limited to (1) CaliCase and (1) discount per person. The only requirement to receive your 50% off coupon is to join our newsletter.

              What is the CaliCase warranty?
              We offer a lifetime warranty! Please contact our friendly customer satisfaction team and they will be glad to assist you.

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