The Best Kayak Cell Phone Case

by David Jones on July 09, 2020



We love kayaking as much as the next person. And like everyone, we want to bring along a host of accessories. We also know that no journey would be complete without your cellphone.

After all, how else are you going to take some awesome selfies on your trip?

Of course, cellphones and water just don’t mix! When trying to protect your devices, it turns out that “good enough” just won’t cut it. Instead, it takes the best kayak cell phone case to make sure your device stays dry, even when the waves start hitting.

Unfortunately, many people only bring their usual beach bag or backpack with them. Some may try and settle for a waterproof phone bag for kayaking which might work if it doesn’t get too wet. However, do you really want to settle for “might work” when your phone is at stake?

CaliCase is still among the best kayak accessories you can find for our next outing. Don't only take us at our word, though; see what we can do.


IPX8 Waterproof Rating and Buoyancy

Some phones today receive some waterproofing capabilities, but not much. As most only offer "water resistance," it means you can't stay dry long.

Many manufacturers protect your device up to five feet of water. When you're on the ocean, lake, or pond, that isn't enough.



Instead, our cases are both buoyant and safe for up to 100 feet. Best of all, you can take images and video while underwater, too.


Dual Padding

When has a single layer of protection proven enough in any situation? No matter what you're discussing, it's always best to stay prepared for anything.



You may avoid dropping your phone into the pool, only to hit the concrete patio. All of a sudden, your device instantly has cracked glass and damaged corners, even when falling on tile.

The better alternative is to turn to our case with double layer padding. Know that your phone stays safe during any outdoor activity with our products.


Sizes for All Major Smartphones

How frustrating is it to find a case you love, only to see it noncompatible? With so many different manufacturers and accessories, the search rarely feels easy.

Thankfully, you can enjoy our complete level of protection for any phones. Whether you prefer Apple, Android, Samsung, or other platforms, we have a case for you.



We offer several different sizes to protect whatever devices you have. Purchase your next kayak phone case with us, knowing it will fit.


A Complete Range of Colors


Are you still confusing your phone for others because they all look the same? Do you want another choice other than black and dark gray? Of course you do. Our accessories are available in over a dozen different colors to select. From clear, non-waterproof cases to an American flag design, we have them all.

Why settle for yet another boring phone case when better solutions are available? See why CaliCase still offers your best protection.